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Alcohol Policy

PROFESSIONAL BARTENDERS: We only work with professional bartending companies that we know and have worked with in the past. This helps us ensure the safety of our guests, staff, and campus. If alcohol will be served at your event, you are required to choose from our list of professional bartenders; you can’t hire anyone else. All alcoholic beverages and alcohol services must be provided by the professional bartending company, and all outside alcohol, personal alcohol, and self-serve alcohol of any kind is strictly prohibited.


The professional bartending companies in our vendor list are fully licensed and insured and are permitted to legally serve alcohol in our state. These are the only vendors allowed for alcohol. The use of alcohol is limited to wine, beer, and champagne. No exceptions. All alcohol must be provided by one of the following vendors:


Nameless Catering Co.

Poured to Perfection

Indy Fresh Catering


SECURITY: Qualified and trained third-party event security is required and must be provided by the wedding party for all events serving alcohol.


We reserve the right to cut off guests from the bar who are excessively intoxicated out of a desire to protect our guests, staff, and campus. Guests who violate any of the alcohol policies will be asked and required to leave the property immediately by any member of our staff. If the guest refuses to leave the premises, we will call local authorities.


We reserve the right to shut down any wedding or event where alcohol has played a factor in the misconduct of guests resulting in the potential harm to other people and/or damage to our facilities.

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